Jessica Wallace

My editor, my wife, and my best friend. Thanks for your patience and support. Could not have done this without you!

Cindy Walden, Animal Control Officer, City of Folsom (Retired)

Cindy offered up great advice when Daisy started hanging out in our yard. Essentially, she said to let them be and enjoy the show. Glad we listened to her.

Lori Wallace

My sister suggested that I write this book at Thanksgiving. I thought she was crazy. Thanks, Lori!

Lisa Schmid

Lisa is a published children's book author and was helpful when I got started on the book. Not sure how this book gets published (publisher or self-published), but it sure nice to have the support of someone who has done it before.

Jeanette Ferrario

Claire's 2nd grade teacher invited me into the classroom last year to talk about Daisy and the Dirty Dozen. At that time, I did not anticipate that I'd be writing a book about the experience. The kids were really into it and their enthusiasm offered the motivation I needed to complete the book.

More People to Thank!

Dan Harris: My mentor. Dan taught me so much about graphic design and has inspired me to create and draw. Thanks, Dan!

Gregory Kiefer: President / CEO of Kiefer Consulting (My employer) for his support of the book.

Jenny Hoepner: Jenny helped us refine the story and shared the story with her class. Thanks, Jenny!

Doug Wallace: My cousin. Who did so well with ducks in his swimming pool... they stayed for 3 months!